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The #DailyReal 352-355

The #DailyReal 352-355

November 11, 2017

Hey, it's Wayne Turner and you're watching the Daily Real Estate Show. Hey, I'm Wayne Turner. I'm the broker over at Turner Real Estate. You do not want your front door to look like this. If you wanna buy a house, just ask yourself these three questions. Purchase these houses for literally 500 dollars out of pocket. For more than 21 years, I have specialized in the sale in homes. Beautiful day, going to list a house.


I wanted to talk a little bit today about homeowners, condition of property, first time homeowners more so than anything and I get this question a lot. What about the condition of my house? They'll say, "Wayne, I've never saw the house before." Or most os the time, I can just kind of tell. I've been doing this for a long time and I can just kind of tell and I ask people, "Have you ever owned? Was this your first home? Have you ever sold a home before?"


We try to make it as easy as possible. Most importantly, the purpose of the videos and the things that we do is to educate consumers here on the North Shore about selling their home and pretty much anywhere in the country, if you're selling your house.


So condition, people ask me about condition. The best thing to do is clean, clean, clean, clean, clean. Start at your front door and wipe down your front door. After you wipe it down, if it still looks like it may be a little mold, a little mildewy or if it just has a little bit of dirt or grime, put a fresh beat of caulk, fresh coat of paint. Clean it up really good. If you have to, change the doorknobs. If they're faded, the sun's beat them down, change the doorknobs. By changing the doorknobs, it will actually make the house look a hundred times better.


It's that first impression. When you walk up to the house for the first time, you're looking at homes you walk up to the door and you're like, "Wow. If the front doors look this nice, the inside must be fantastic." That's the first thing is clean front door. The next thing is landscaping, spruce it up on the outside. Put down pine straw. I've discovered over the years that you can use pine straw as opposed to pine bark mulch. It's much cheaper. It doesn't put off the odor and termites don't eat the pine straw, but they love ...


I never figured that out. Think about that. You're going to take moist chops of wood and put it all along down on the ground, right up to your house. Don't do that. Just use pine straw, pine needles. A quick little shout-out to Gomez Pine Straw. He does a fantastic job. I've used him personally for years. He delivers. Gomez Pine Straw. Just google Gomez Pine Straw [inaudible 00:02:32]. Tell him Wayne Turner sent you.


Anyway, that's the only condition. Hope you're having a good day. If you've just tuned in, you're watching the Daily Real Estate Show. The thing that ... The other thing is people say, "What is your house worth? Well, what is my house worth? How I know what my house is worth?" We do a couple of things. One, I subscribe to the same database as real estate appraisers do. I know based on other homes that have sold in the last six months in the area, within a three mile radius of your house, what the value is going to be.


For example, if your house is sold and your in a residential neighborhood with 500 houses, I can promise you there's going to be at least three homes that are gonna be comparable to yours that have closed in the last six months. That's real simple. We just take those sold properties and we look at what your bedrooms, baths, square footage, year built and we try to find three comparable properties. We're not looking at active homes. We're not looking at homes that are on the market. We're looking at the homes that are physically closed and sold.


Once we find those three, we pretty much look at those. We make some variances based on condition, paint, carpet, what theirs has that yours doesn't have. I hope you're having a good day. You can catch us on the web, Wayne Turner dot com. You can also give us a call anytime if you have any questions, concerns. You wanna know your property value at total property access dot com or call us at (985) 626-1313.


Now, the next segment is when it's shown, how much notice will I have? I kind of touched on that a minute ago. Phone's ringing. I kind of touched on that a minute ago. When it's shown, you're given anywhere from four to six hours notice to as much as thirty six if you need it. Really, it's your discretion. I have some people say, "I work nights. I can't show it until after 3:30, 4 o'clock." We work around your schedule. It's okay. Most importantly, you're made aware of and we let you know when the property is going to be show. What day and what time.


Now, most importantly what we do and I can't speak for everyone but I can tell you what we do personally is we give you feedback from every showing. After the property is shown, we text the buyer, text agents, email, make phone calls. We want to know what is it that they liked or didn't like about the property. Is it something that we can do? Is it the conditions? Is it the carpet? Here's the thing. I don't want to know what the agents though about the property. They're not buying the property.


It takes two weeks to get your real estate license in Louisiana and you become a personal home shopper. Some people are designers, some people are retired military, some people are firefighters, some people work in a factory. We come from all walks. A lot of them are part time and it's real easy to get your real estate license. The reason why I say this is that it's ... you have to take their opinion with a grain of sand because ultimately, they're not buying the property. What we want to know is we want to know the feedback from the buyer. What did the buyer think about the property? Is there anything that we can change or improve upon the property?


One thing we like to ask the buyer on the property is on a scale of one to ten, where would you see yourself buying that property? We also want to know what was it about the property. Was it paint, carpet or anything such as that because if it's paint, then what we try to do is ... Okay, if we could get the seller to give you an allowance, would that be something that you could ... to consider. Or if we could get the seller to do a carpet allowance or paint allowance or anything like that.


Somebody says, "Well, I like the house but I need a fence." Well, look we can get the seller to give you a ... put in a fence then you could still purchase the property. That's kind of something. Anyway, that just kind of gives you some feedback. We always give you feedback. You want to know what's going on, you can't help but ... Somebody shows your property like what do they think about my house? They came through and I haven't heard. We make sure you hear. We inundate you with communication here at Turner Real Estate Group. That's my biggest pet peeve is communicate, communicate, communicate.


Anyway, I hope you're having a good day. I hope you've enjoyed this daily real estate show. It's a vlog, it's a podcast, it's a blog, it's a vlog with a V. V, vlog, podcast and the things we're trying to do is just to educate consumers, public here in the North Shore and anywhere around the country if you're listening on how to save money, sell your house quick and have absolutely no stress in the real estate transaction so we'll see you soon. Check us on the web at Wayne at Wayne Turner dot com or catch us at (985) 626-1313.


Now, one more thing is home warranties and some people say, "Well, what's the deal with home warranties? I've heard them advertised on ..." There's some stuff around here. I wonder where I put it. Oh here it is, hang on. All right, so people ask me about home warranties. When you put your house on the market, you can put a home warranty on the property. Selling your home for the first time? You can put your house whether it's your fifth home or you're an investor or whatever. You can put home warranties on properties. This is just one of the companies we use, Old Republic. They've been around for a long time. They don't give us any personal endorsement or anything like that. They just treat our customers really well.


So much as, I've got one on here for six hundred and nine dollars. That's my personal home. It works. One of the things that you can do when you put your house on the market is you can offer a home warranty and a home warranty actually shows a home buyer that can actually buy your home and a warranty is covered on the house. Now, what does a warranty cover? Warranties cover water meters, central heat and air is our cover appliances. You can actually pay extra for them to cover pool equipment, wells, septic systems, even washer and dryers. They cover all of the appliances.


The way it works with a warranty is you sell your house with a warranty, you're selling it as is with waiver [inaudible 00:08:33] in Louisiana. If something were to go wrong on a property, the buyer can just pick up the phone, call a toll free number and when they call a 1-800 number, the person on the other line with the home warranty company sends out a local service provider. The local service provider than looks at the item. If they can fix it then, they can. If not, they report back to the warranty company. The cost out of pocket to a buyer is seventy five dollars. The cost to you, as a home warranty runs anywhere from four to five hundred dollars, sometimes upward of seven hundred dollars if the pool is covered and multiple central ... If you've got four central heating air units and that sort of thing. It's a good little marketing tool.


Anyway, that's the take on warranties if you're selling your house for the first time. Put a warranty on it and some other cool stuff that we do here at Turner Real Estate Group. Hope you're having a good day, catch us on the web, Wayne Turner dot com or gives us a call at (985) 626-1313. We'll see you.


The #DailyReal Estate Show Episode #345 - #349

The #DailyReal Estate Show Episode #345 - #349

October 31, 2017

See Below for the Full Transcript of this Episode

Hey I'm Wayne Turner. You're watching "The Daily Real Estate" show.


Hey I'm Wayne Turner, I'm the broker owner of Turner Real Estate Group.


You do not want your front door to look like this.


If you want to buy a house just ask yourself these three questions.


Purchase these house for literally $500 out of pocket.


For more than 21 years I have specialized in the sale of homes.


Beautiful day. I'm going to list a house.


The reason why I started the show just to give you a quick rundown. I've been selling real estate for 21 years, and closed over 3,000 real estate transactions in 21 years. And the knowledge and the experience, that I can give bring. I just want to make the transaction of purchasing and selling residential real estate, which we specialize in to be easier on the consumer. If it's easier on the consumer then hopefully we put out some information that's easy for agents to learn, and just make the whole process much simpler for everybody.


So anyway today I want to talk a little bit about the contract. I have a copy of the required Louisiana Real Estate Commission Contract. So this contract is nine, well this one just depends on how you copy it, it's seven pages, eight and a half by 11, seven pages. When I first started in the business any real estate brokerage could use any contract, and a lot of them were just one page. They were a front page, and then they went to a front and back page. And then they started going to two pages, and then three pages, then four pages.


So now they're seven. I'm sure in 10 years they'll be 15 pages long. But just a couple of things to run down here. In the state of Louisiana they call it closing, or close of escrow, or they call it an act of sale. It's Napoleon Law that's what they call it here in Louisiana. So it's a little bit different meaning that we're the only state in 50 states, that call a county a parish.


Anyway wanna run down the contract. One of the things people ask me well, what stays with the property. And so here's one of the things that they've changed. All window coverings, blinds, and associated hardware. So a lot of people say, "Well they didn't ask for the drapes." They don't have to, technically it's in the contract. Window, air conditioner units, it's in the contract.


Built-in appliances. And people ask me about built-in appliances it's like, "Well what's built-in because the stove can slide out?" And so to keep from the confusion, your stove, your dishwasher, and your microwave, those three things if they're built-in, if they're in the house those are the items that have to stay with the property. It doesn't have to stay, but that's what's customary.


The refrigerator's usually a negotiable item. About 50% of my clients say, "We're gonna get a new refrigerator." And about the other half say, "We want to take it with us maybe we'll put it in the garage of our new house." So, that's one of the things that's a negotiated item.


As far as price, of course you just put the price in any contract. And if there's anything here on the contract, that you want to not have stay with the property you put it in there. But a lot of people ask me about built-in speakers like, they'll have built-in speakers, and this is what I suggest to everyone.


If you have a speaker in your house, a light fixture in your house, something that's within your home, that you want to remove, or you don't want to include in the sale, I highly recommend just taking it down before you sell the property, before a buyer even sees a photograph of it. Just remove it, replace it with something comparable. It's so much easier, and a lot less stressful on yourself there.


So people ask me about appraisals, and looking here, and I can tell you that from the standpoint of a homeowner they pay for the homebuyer pays for the appraisal, the homeowner wants to know what did my property appraise. I can tell you that they don't even tell me. They won't tell me. They won't tell me as a listing broker when I list your home for sale if the property appraised, but they will tell me if it doesn't appraise. And it's a funny thing, I'll get a phone call, and they'll say the home didn't appraise. And we had one that the other day that man, it came in $72,000 less than list price.


So that's what we're seeing right now in the market. The inventory is low, we need more properties on the market, so we're finding that more people are starting to look, and they're thinking we're seeing more contingency, or predicated offers, meaning that let me go out there and look for a house, and if I see one that I really like then let me make an offer to purchase that property, and then I'll list my home. And we're seeing more of those. We've done two of those recently, and they've knock on wood, they haven't closed yet, but they both worked out really well, both of the properties were sold within three weeks, and the sellers were able to sell their property, move onto another property.


So if you're watching this, and you're hanging on to it, and you're kind of wondering I don't really see anything out there. Well look just keep looking. You can look for free, and you go to My Local Real Estate dot com, or Wayne Turner dot com, or call Wayne Turner dot com. I'm all over the place. You can look for houses. If you see something that you like, call us nine eight five, six two six, 13, 13. We're all over the web. You can call us, text us, and we'll show you the property. If it's something that you like make an offer on it, and just make it contingent upon your house selling.


We haven't done that for a long time, but we have to understand inventory's low. So when a house comes on the market that you see, that you like, that you would ... Go for it. Go for it. So, as far as appraisals I only hear it when the house doesn't appraise.


I'm wanna mention, and talk a little bit about deposit for a second. And the deposit in some cities, states, other areas call it, they won't call it deposit, they'll call it the escrow check, or the earnest money check. And it's all the same definition, that's what can be confusing about this business is well there's a buyer agent, and there's a selling agent, and there's a listing agent. No there's a listing brokerage, there's a listing agent, the selling agent, and the buyer agent is one in the same, they're just two different terms. Sorry it's just confusing that way.


A little bit about deposit. A buyer makes a deposit. They put in a $1,000 deposit anywhere from a 1,000 to I've seen them as high as a $100,000. So they put a deposit on a property, they're basically telling the homeowner, I want to buy your home in good faith, and I'm willing to show you this money. But I can tell you that this contract is seven pages. You rest assured there's about four ways they can get out of it. One if the house doesn't appraise, one if it's got termites, two if it's got termites, appraisals, they can't get financing, they can't sell their house, and the big one is financing. You know? They can say they'll get financing.


Here's the thing that people when we talk about home inspections on a property, and a buyer makes a contract to purchase a property, and I'll give you a prime example. I had a client the other day that we listed their house, sold their house, got a contract on their house. The home inspection is typically done within seven to 10 days from the accepted contract date. And that's something to think about too. As a buyer when you make an offer to purchase on a piece of property, and you say, "Hey, we don't want to close, we don't want to do a home inspection, we don't want to close for 30 days, but we reserve the right to have it inspected within 14 days."


Well that's just not enough time, and if you put 14 days on there it's just too much time. And so what I mean by that is you're better off to put it at seven days, and from the seven day mark, you're basically, you're doing all your home inspections. So back to the story. I had a home inspection on a property we listed, and it was supposed to have been inspected within 10 days. It was inspected within three, and then homeowners are like, "Wayne did you hear anything from the home inspection? Did you hear anything from the home inspection?"


And here's the easiest way to put it. A buyer in the contract can do their due diligence, and have it inspected, not just through a home inspection company, or home inspector, but they can have it, the HVAC looked at, they can have the stucco looked at, they can have windows looked at, they can have a roofer look at the roofing. And I've had particular buyers, that do all of that.


Most importantly as a homeowner it's important to know that if they have 10 days to do a home inspection, and they do a home inspection ... Literally we had one this week where we got the contract on Sunday, and we finalized it on Sunday, and everything was done, and stamped on Monday. On Tuesday they did a home inspection at 3:30. And then so as a homeowner, and you're selling your property, you're like, "Hey give it to me tell me what they want? What do they want us to fix, so we can fix it?"


And most of the time the home inspector gets the report to the buyer, and the buyer's agent within 24 to 36 hours. Sometimes it takes little longer, but it's important to know that legally in the contract if you have, if the buyer has 10 days to inspect a property, and they inspect it on a second or third day, they don't have to give you the list of the items, that they're requesting to be fixed, repaired, replaced until literally the last day if they don't want to if there's other inspections they want to do.


'Cause what happens is they're gonna do their due diligence, and have it inspected. After they've had all the inspections done then they have to meet with the inspector, and then meet with their agent, and show their agent, and tell their agent this is what we want fixed on the property before we can move through with the purchase whether it be a broken window, a leaky faucet, that sort of thing. So, that's just something to note. And don't get me wrong we try our best to get that information to our clients as quickly as possible after the home is inspected, but just to give you a heads up on that.


And I'm talking specifically at this point to sellers. Another thing is it's one of those deals where the contract is written for the premise to purchase a piece of property, but it says in here that the buyer can basically provide a homeowner, you the homeowner with a copy of their approval letter. Now here's the difference between being qualified and being approved.


Qualified. I'm qualified to fly a plane if I took the proper schooling, and got my license. But I don't fly a plane, but I'm qualified, I'm healthy enough. So it's kind of a gray area. So I don't like the word qualified, I like the word approved. Approved means that they have approved you the buyer to get a mortgage. They've pulled tax returns, they've looked at your credit, they've pulled your credit, they've verified your income. Those are the big ones. You know?


Do they make the money they say they're making? We verify. Let's see tax returns. What's their credit score? If you have a 620, or higher let's roll down the road. There's other variables of course, but those are the three biggies. And then most importantly the property has to appraise. A buyer can do a home inspection.


The approval letters may state that they've been approved, but I give you a quick scenario. We have a file right now we've had three extensions on that house. And we've had it under contract now for going on 60 days. The homeowners are frustrated. We're doing everything within our power. We were given an approval letter, everything is legit, checks out fine, talked with the lender.


And here's the thing too the lenders they can't tell me the buyers personal information. But what we always do is say look on a scale of one to 10, 10 meaning that buyer is rubber stamped, and ready to go, they're approved, all we need is clear title, clear appraisal, a home inspection done, and we're closed. Or one there's not a chance in hell. There's no way. And so we ask the lender that. What would you grade them? Where would you position them? Are they a five or six? And they'll say, "Well they're typically, they're about a six and a half, they're about a seven."


And then we can say okay is there anything that we can do, or what can we do to help them get to a 10? And I don't mean, I mean like, is there credit issues, is there bruises on their credit, is their debt to income ratio too high? So they really can't divulge a lot of that information, but you try to put your trust and faith in a lender.


Now in this particular instance, that I'm referring to we've had a contract on the property now for 60 days or so. They're at three extensions. It was supposed to close two days ago, and has not. But here's what the buyer went out, and purchased things on credit before they closed on their house, and that is the big ... Don't finance a piece of bubble gum if you're buying a house, a property, and here's the reason why.


Every time you purchase something it makes your credit score go down. Every time you purchase something it's going now on your credit. So that lowers your, that raises, I'm sorry it raises your debt to income ratio. So something to think about. Don't buy anything. And the things that we see people purchase are typically it's houses and cars because they ... I mean shit not houses. Typically, it's cars and furniture. And the reason being is that they think well their credit's already been pulled, so they're good to go so there's no problem just roll with it. You know?


What happens is this, it's becoming so strict now to where they pull your credit, they can pull it as many times as they want, and they always pull it before they close. So they want to make sure that you're still on your job, that nothing financially has changed. You even sign a document agreeing to legally that you have not lost your job, changed a job, added any more things on your credit, or anything like that as a homebuyer.


So I'm Wayne Turner. Hope you're having a good day. Hope you've enjoyed. Check us out on the web Wayne Turner dot com. We'll see you.


Hey I'm Wayne Turner, I'm the broker owner of Turner Real Estate Group.


You do not want your front door to look like this.


If you want to buy a house just ask yourself these three questions.


Purchase these house for literally $500 out of pocket.


For more than 21 years I have specialized in the sale of homes.


Beautiful day. I'm going to list a house.


The #DailyReal Estate Show Episode #335 - #339

The #DailyReal Estate Show Episode #335 - #339

October 12, 2017

Hey, it's Wayne Turner. Hope you're having a good day. You are watching the Daily Real Estate Show.


Hey I'm Wayne Turner. I'm the broker on [inaudible 00:00:08] Real Estate Group.


You might want your front door to look like this.


If you want to buy a house, just ask yourself these three questions.


We purchase these houses for literally $500 out of pocket.


For more than 21 years, I have specialized in the sale of homes.


Beautiful day. We're gonna list a house.


Here's something to think about. We had a friend of ours, who's actually ... A co-worker, Leanne, who works with us. And I'm gonna tell you a quick little story about her purchase of her first house. She came to us and said, "Hey. I wanna buy a house. I wanna buy my first house." And this was five years ago. And I always tell people, "You make your money when you buy."


Leanne purchased a house. She came us to and said, "Hey. I wanna buy a home." So she purchased her first home for $67,000 and I just put ... I wrote some notes down here. She purchased her first home of $67,000. Three bedroom, two bath, one car garage. That was five years ago. The house was not a foreclosure. It was not a bank owned home. If you wanna see those foreclosures, bank owned home, you can go to a website that we have that we provide. I'll have it pop up right here. Nolabankowned.com. Nolabankowned.com. We give you a free list of website. I'll also post a link here at the bottom of this video.


So, another one you can go to is affordableslidellhomes. Affordableslidellhomes. We can put the link. We'll have it pop up right here on the screen. We'll put the link down below. You can click on it.


So, continue watching though. $67,000, she purchased the house. That was five years ago. Today, today that house is work 110. So, that's $53,000. Now if you look at 67 and 110, like technically if you wanna get really deep into the math and look at a percentage of increase and value, that's a 64% increase in value of her home over five years. So it's like, "Oh wow. That's great. That's a lot of money. How do you get that out?" Well you get that out, of course, by selling it or refine and pulling equity out of the house. Don't do that. That's a nightmare. Don't touch your equity in your house. It is a forced savings account. Don't touch it. Sure, if you refi, but don't pull money out.


And if you pull money out and if you're gonna make improvements, please call me at 985-626-1313 and I'll tell you what to do and what not to do. Floorings and paint and kitchens and bath, you can't go wrong, but don't get crazy with it.


So, the $43,000, this is way I broke down the math. The 43,000 ... And $43,000, divide by 5 is $8,600 a year. So her house has made her $8,600 a year. So at 8,000 ... And nobody can take it away from her. It's hers. She pays the mortgage. It's her home and house is in her name. That's great.


$8,600 a year, so how mch is that per month because that's what your house is paying you. You're paying monthly payments, but your house, if you're increasing equity, it's paying you that $8,600 per month. There's 12 months in a year. So if you take that 8,600, divide it by 12. I already wrote it down. $716 a month, your house is paying you. I don't know if her mortgage payment isn't even that. And even with like flood insurance and everything.


So here's the thing, here's what I tell people. You can go rent an apartment, sure. That's great. Fine. I always tell people, "Look. Man, you're in your 20s. Live it up. Enjoy your life. I'm 45. At 30, you're still young as hell. So, enjoy your 20s, but if you do decide to purchase a house, we can ... Of course, we can help you here. It's what we do." We broker the sale of real estate, but most importantly, we wanna make sure you that you can purchase it right, you make your money when you buy, and then when you gotta sell it. You're happy because you actually have the money.


Like people come to me and go, "Wayne, how do these people live in such a big house. They live in a 350,000 or more house." Well, a lot of people have moved up over the years. And so they've roll that equity. In other words, what they purchased the house for and what it's worth today, if it's 20, 30, $40,000, then they roll that money into their next house. If you put 20% down on a property then you basically can avoid the private mortgage insurance.


And of course, private mortgage insurance ... Give you a quick lesson on that. Private mortgage insurance is the mortgage insurance the mortgage company takes out on your mortgage in case you stop paying. If you default on the mortgage, the mortgage insurance is on that house and that mortgage insurance will pay them out if you foreclose. And you pay the monthly premium. So that's private mortgage insurance or it's also called MIP, which is mortgage insurance premium. The mortgage insurance premium is actually what you pay per month. The private mortgage insurance is the actual policy out on the property. I know. I don't mean to get real technical, but that's the definition of private mortgage insurance or mortgage insurance premium.


Anyway. Hope this information helps you. Once again, you make your money when you buy. So, if you're buying homes in Slidell, Louisiana or Mandeville, Louisiana or, you know, you're looking for real estate, homes for sale in the Mandeville, homes for sale in Covington, Louisiana ... Regardless, what you'll wanna do is check out ... There's lots of sites out there.


One thing that we do is we actual pull from the MLS local realtors database. That means that, when collectively as real estate agents, list properties, regardless of their company, whether it be Caldwell Banker or Remax, Century 21, Latter & Blum, Turner Real Estate Group, Keller Williams, it doesn't matter. When we list a house, they all come within this funnel and that funnel goes to the database and that's the local realtor database. That's the MLS.


And our local realtor database, we're able to ... And I have the ability to take and push that into one site and ... So if you go to wayneturner.com you can see all the homes there listed by subdivision and new homes and I break it down from there. Because collectively, there's about 14,000 homes listed in the New Orleans metropolitan area, but we break it down into not only by parish, but not only from parish but if you wanna see homes with land, you can go to landinnola.com. If you wanna see foreclosures, you can go to nolabankowned.com.


So what we do is we make it real simple for you to extract those specific houses. It doesn't matter if it's homes on the water, homes with pools, we make it real easy for you. And what's really cool is that site, those sites, all these sites that we have, they update every hour on the hour. So they refresh. Usually, it's within about 15 minutes. So if somebody drops a price of a house, they make any kind of change in the property whatsoever, it's constantly refreshing. Somebody lists a new house, that's constantly refreshing.


We just started this little show. I hope you like it. It's called A Daily Real Estate Show. I call it The Daily Real just because it's kind of real. We're rolling. We're doing the podcast. We've got the vlog. We're doing the videos for YouTube and we're posting a lot on Facebook and that sort of thing. We know that, basically, social media's the foundation for the way that we all are communicating.


So, hope you find this information helpful. It's just a little something I want over the years, decades now, selling real estate. Have so much information on it, just wanna be able to share it with people and share it with you. That if you're watching or you can share it with someone.


I'm here to share with you what I've learned because there's a lot of information out there and it's hard to find the correct information. So I wanna be that local, go-to person if you have any questions. You can even text us if you want. You can text us 985-218-0741. 985-218-0741. If you send us a text, there's multiple people here on my staff that are answering a text. So it's gonna be me or multiple of us if you have a question.


Hope you're having a day. Just remember, 43,000 in the five, 716 a month and in addition to that, you have the tax benefit. So what happens is if you pay $8,000 a year in taxes, I mean in interest. $8,000 ... If you pay $8,000 a year in interest and you make $50,000 a year, that $8,000 in interest is deducted from your earned income. So now you pay taxes. Now you're taxable income is a basis of 42,000 so it save you a little bit there.


Anyway. Don't mean to chatter or ramble on. Just trying to help people as much as I can. I'm right here in your neck of the woods. I live and work in Saint Tammany Parish. I live, my office is in Mandeville here at the causeway. I'm sure you've seen our moving trucks as they roll down the road and that's just one of the things that we offer our clients. Buy or sell your house with me, use our moving trucks for free.


One of the other things, that we've just started doing for our first time home buyers, and of course if they are receptive to this and they want this.  we've done this before in the past, but we're kind of cranking it back up because we're working with a little more first time home buyers just because people are like, "Man, the rates are still crazy low." And we're seeing more of them come through and that's offer a client appreciate parties for those who would like a client appreciate party. We encourage you to invite your friends, family members, neighbors. Whether your home's in Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, Tangipahoa Parish, it doesn't matter. Hammond, Ponchatoula, it doesn't really matter. What we like to do in cooperation with our lenders and vendors is we offer a client appreciation party. So we just have you, hey, invite your friends, family, neighbors and we cater the food. We offer a door prize. Everybody can show up and have a good time and enjoy your, see your house. You know?


So, anyway. I'm Wayne Turner. I hope you've had a great day. Hope you've enjoyed this video. Once again, if we can answer any questions you can call us here at the office at 985-626-1313. Catch us on the web. Wayneturner.com. We'll see ya.


3 Questions

3 Questions

March 7, 2017

Hey there, it's Wayne Turner with Turner Real Estate Group. If you want to buy a house, just ask yourself these three questions. Is my credit score 620 or higher? Have I been on my job two years, or in the same line of work to produce two years of tax returns? The third question, do I have less than $1000 or do I have more than $1000? The reason why I say that is because the misconception is you have to have a lot of money in the bank to buy a house and you don't. We can do an RD loan, which is $0 down payment. We can help you with a 4% grant, another great option. 

Just a couple things. If you're thinking about buying a house, if you're curious if you can buy a house, 620 or higher, two years on your job, and you don't have to have money. It's pretty crazy. Ready to search for the one? Check it out. Search the entire MLS Realtor database for free by clicking here


Wayne Home Warranty Informative

Wayne Home Warranty Informative

February 17, 2017

Wayne Turner, Owner, and Broker of Turner Real Estate with 21 years of experience is back on the Lake 94.7.  Wayne calls into the show to discuss and gives information on the housing market along with tips and tricks the community may be interested in. 

What is today's topic? 

Home Warranties.  Wayne is informing people in the area including Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Slidell, Hammond, or any of the surrounding areas that no matter the age of the home, you can get a home warranty when buying a house.  He continues on to say that what is even better, is many times you can get the seller to pay for a home warranty for you. 

How much do home warranties cost?

 Wayne estimates between $500-$600 and it covers the house and all of its major components for one year.  What is even better is the policy is renewable every year, no inspection process needed.  And it's pre-written in a home buying contract that either the buyer or the seller can pay for the policy.  

When purchasing a home, this allows buyers to have less stress.  Wayne utilizes the example that if a first time home buyer buys a home, and the water heater bursts or goes out, all they would have to do is call a 1-800 number and they would be able to get a service tech out almost immediately while saving them money. 

Housing Inventory on the North Shore

Housing Inventory on the North Shore

February 15, 2017

Wayne Turner is back on the Lake 94.7 for more Real Estate Updates for the North Shore including Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Slidell, Lacombe, Folsom, Hammond, and Ponchatoula.  

Wayne wants to discuss Home Prices on the North Shore.  He begins by saying that not since 2006 have we seen such a demand for homes on the North Shore.  

Its been over ten years since the market has exhibited the prices he is seeing. That being said, there is a lack of inventory (meaning homes on the market) on the North Shore. For example, if not another single family home was placed on the market under $300,000 in the next 3 months, there would not be any homes on the market.  This means homes are selling under 3 months (often times faster) and homeowners are seeing a large return on their equity.  

Wayne encourages users to find more about their homes at TotalPropertyAccess.com 

Getting Ready to Sell in 2017

Getting Ready to Sell in 2017

February 10, 2017

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7 on the Northshore.  

Wayne says when preparing to sell, that the best thing to start is to take a stepback, and look at the home from the outside and how can I spruce it up.

Wayne says an easy one is Pressure Washing.  Pressure wash the home, any walkways, the driveway.  Make it as clean as possible. 

Trim your shrubs, repaint or stain the front door if it has been discolored from the sun.  Change your door knobs if they have any discoloration.  This is the first impression anyone has on your home.  

On the inside, declutter, and spruce up.  Touch up paint.  And clean the windows.  Wayne explains that not only cleaning the outside but the inside will bring so much clarity to your windows, and can really affect the overall look.  

If you have any questions on additional Selling tips in Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Abita Springs, Slidell, Lacombe, or Folsom check out Wayne's tips here: www.SellWithWayne.com

Why a Short Sale?

Why a Short Sale?

January 12, 2017

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group, discusses short sales and how they may be a great option for some people. If you're upside down in your mortgage, need to get out, facing a hardship such as illness, divorce, etc. a short sale may be the best option for you. Don't let your home go back to the bank and deal with the stressful foreclosure process. Let us handle it! The bank pays the realtor commission, and we talk to them on your behalf. For you it's no money, no hassle, and it is not as impactful on your credit as a foreclosure. Also, the bank much rather work with you on a short sale than have to repossess your home. It is a win-win for all parties. For more info call us at 985-626-1313.

How We Work Differently to Get it Sold Fast

How We Work Differently to Get it Sold Fast

January 12, 2017

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group, explains what he does differently to get his listings sold fast. When Wayne lists a house people always ask, "How do you sell so quickly? Why is your average time on market so much greater than other realtors?" Wayne explains how he is able to do all that and more! For more info, call us at 985-626-1313.

It’s a Seller’s Market, and Inventory is Needed!

It’s a Seller’s Market, and Inventory is Needed!

January 11, 2017

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group in Mandevile, LA gives an update on the local St. Tammany real estate market. He informs home owners that there is a strong demand for real estate listings, as it's a seller's market and there are many buyers out looking yet a shortage of homes available for sale on the market. Inventory and competition are low... now is the time to sell! Call us today at 985-626-1313 for more info.