3 Questions

March 7, 2017

Hey there, it's Wayne Turner with Turner Real Estate Group. If you want to buy a house, just ask yourself these three questions. Is my credit score 620 or higher? Have I been on my job two years, or in the same line of work to produce two years of tax returns? The third question, do I have less than $1000 or do I have more than $1000? The reason why I say that is because the misconception is you have to have a lot of money in the bank to buy a house and you don't. We can do an RD loan, which is $0 down payment. We can help you with a 4% grant, another great option. 

Just a couple things. If you're thinking about buying a house, if you're curious if you can buy a house, 620 or higher, two years on your job, and you don't have to have money. It's pretty crazy. Ready to search for the one? Check it out. Search the entire MLS Realtor database for free by clicking here


Wayne Home Warranty Informative

February 17, 2017

Wayne Turner, Owner, and Broker of Turner Real Estate with 21 years of experience is back on the Lake 94.7.  Wayne calls into the show to discuss and gives information on the housing market along with tips and tricks the community may be interested in. 

What is today's topic? 

Home Warranties.  Wayne is informing people in the area including Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Slidell, Hammond, or any of the surrounding areas that no matter the age of the home, you can get a home warranty when buying a house.  He continues on to say that what is even better, is many times you can get the seller to pay for a home warranty for you. 

How much do home warranties cost?

 Wayne estimates between $500-$600 and it covers the house and all of its major components for one year.  What is even better is the policy is renewable every year, no inspection process needed.  And it's pre-written in a home buying contract that either the buyer or the seller can pay for the policy.  

When purchasing a home, this allows buyers to have less stress.  Wayne utilizes the example that if a first time home buyer buys a home, and the water heater bursts or goes out, all they would have to do is call a 1-800 number and they would be able to get a service tech out almost immediately while saving them money. 

Housing Inventory on the North Shore

February 15, 2017

Wayne Turner is back on the Lake 94.7 for more Real Estate Updates for the North Shore including Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Slidell, Lacombe, Folsom, Hammond, and Ponchatoula.  

Wayne wants to discuss Home Prices on the North Shore.  He begins by saying that not since 2006 have we seen such a demand for homes on the North Shore.  

Its been over ten years since the market has exhibited the prices he is seeing. That being said, there is a lack of inventory (meaning homes on the market) on the North Shore. For example, if not another single family home was placed on the market under $300,000 in the next 3 months, there would not be any homes on the market.  This means homes are selling under 3 months (often times faster) and homeowners are seeing a large return on their equity.  

Wayne encourages users to find more about their homes at TotalPropertyAccess.com 

Getting Ready to Sell in 2017

February 10, 2017

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7 on the Northshore.  

Wayne says when preparing to sell, that the best thing to start is to take a stepback, and look at the home from the outside and how can I spruce it up.

Wayne says an easy one is Pressure Washing.  Pressure wash the home, any walkways, the driveway.  Make it as clean as possible. 

Trim your shrubs, repaint or stain the front door if it has been discolored from the sun.  Change your door knobs if they have any discoloration.  This is the first impression anyone has on your home.  

On the inside, declutter, and spruce up.  Touch up paint.  And clean the windows.  Wayne explains that not only cleaning the outside but the inside will bring so much clarity to your windows, and can really affect the overall look.  

If you have any questions on additional Selling tips in Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Abita Springs, Slidell, Lacombe, or Folsom check out Wayne's tips here: www.SellWithWayne.com

Why a Short Sale?

January 12, 2017

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group, discusses short sales and how they may be a great option for some people. If you're upside down in your mortgage, need to get out, facing a hardship such as illness, divorce, etc. a short sale may be the best option for you. Don't let your home go back to the bank and deal with the stressful foreclosure process. Let us handle it! The bank pays the realtor commission, and we talk to them on your behalf. For you it's no money, no hassle, and it is not as impactful on your credit as a foreclosure. Also, the bank much rather work with you on a short sale than have to repossess your home. It is a win-win for all parties. For more info call us at 985-626-1313.

How We Work Differently to Get it Sold Fast

January 12, 2017

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group, explains what he does differently to get his listings sold fast. When Wayne lists a house people always ask, "How do you sell so quickly? Why is your average time on market so much greater than other realtors?" Wayne explains how he is able to do all that and more! For more info, call us at 985-626-1313.

It’s a Seller’s Market, and Inventory is Needed!

January 11, 2017

Wayne Turner, Broker/Owner of Turner Real Estate Group in Mandevile, LA gives an update on the local St. Tammany real estate market. He informs home owners that there is a strong demand for real estate listings, as it's a seller's market and there are many buyers out looking yet a shortage of homes available for sale on the market. Inventory and competition are low... now is the time to sell! Call us today at 985-626-1313 for more info.

St. Tammany Real Estate Tax Bills

December 15, 2016

Wayne Turner of Turner Real Estate Group discusses real estate tax bills in St. Tammany, and what home owners can expect. Whether you're the buyer or the seller, here's how to handle it when you get your tax bill in the mail for your Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, Abita Springs or Madisonville home!

First Time Home Owners

December 1, 2016

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7

Wayne Turner, Owner, and Broker of Turner Real Estate with 20 years experience is back.  What's the topic of the day? First Time Homebuyers.  Wayne relays that typically 41-42% of the real estate market yearly is made up of first-time homebuyers. Right now though, that number is down dramatically. Now the number is closer to 32%.

Wayne expresses that when a first-time homebuyer buys a home it affects the market because, of the following scenario.  When a first-time homebuyer purchases a home, it allows that homeowner to typically upgrade, and the effect dominos from there.

So what does this mean? There were 5.1 million homes sold last year, with 41-42% of that market being first time buyers.  This year, however, fist time homeowners made up roughly 32% of that market.  With the rates as low as they are, Wayne is encouraging home buyers to get back into the market.  

Wayne also relays for sellers under the $400,000 price range, we still have a sellers market, especially on the North Shore including Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, Abita Springs, Lacombe, Folsom, Slidell, Pearl River, Hammond, and Ponchatoula.  Most homes in that price range are selling in less than 3 months for 98% of list value. 

Love It Or Leave It

October 26, 2016

Love it or Leave it... 

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7.  The host, asks Wayne, "How do you get so many buyers, and how do you sell so many houses to those buyers?"  Wayne's response is simple.  With the advance of technology, use of Turner Real Estate Group's Moving trucks, and the Love it, or Leave it Program.  

He continues on to explain the program as this: If you buy a home with Turner Real Estate Group's Buyer Specialists, and within a year, you decide that home is not what you want, Wayne will list the home for free with no money going to Turner Real Estate Group.  

In doing so, home buyer's feel more confident in their purchase with Wayne's brokerage.  So if you don't like the house, you can call Wayne, he will put it back on the market, and by not paying the listing agent's commission, you are not losing an exuberant amount of money. 

Overall, Wayne attributes technology with his promotions on Facebook, Trulia, Zillow, LocalNorthShoreRealEstate.com, WayneTurner.com.  As well as his trucks and Love It or Leave It Program to the amount of home buyer's sales.