Love It Or Leave It

October 26, 2016

Love it or Leave it... 

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7.  The host, asks Wayne, "How do you get so many buyers, and how do you sell so many houses to those buyers?"  Wayne's response is simple.  With the advance of technology, use of Turner Real Estate Group's Moving trucks, and the Love it, or Leave it Program.  

He continues on to explain the program as this: If you buy a home with Turner Real Estate Group's Buyer Specialists, and within a year, you decide that home is not what you want, Wayne will list the home for free with no money going to Turner Real Estate Group.  

In doing so, home buyer's feel more confident in their purchase with Wayne's brokerage.  So if you don't like the house, you can call Wayne, he will put it back on the market, and by not paying the listing agent's commission, you are not losing an exuberant amount of money. 

Overall, Wayne attributes technology with his promotions on Facebook, Trulia, Zillow,,  As well as his trucks and Love It or Leave It Program to the amount of home buyer's sales. 

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