St. Tammany Real Estate Tax Bills

December 15, 2016

Wayne Turner of Turner Real Estate Group discusses real estate tax bills in St. Tammany, and what home owners can expect. Whether you're the buyer or the seller, here's how to handle it when you get your tax bill in the mail for your Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, Abita Springs or Madisonville home!

First Time Home Owners

December 1, 2016

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7

Wayne Turner, Owner, and Broker of Turner Real Estate with 20 years experience is back.  What's the topic of the day? First Time Homebuyers.  Wayne relays that typically 41-42% of the real estate market yearly is made up of first-time homebuyers. Right now though, that number is down dramatically. Now the number is closer to 32%.

Wayne expresses that when a first-time homebuyer buys a home it affects the market because, of the following scenario.  When a first-time homebuyer purchases a home, it allows that homeowner to typically upgrade, and the effect dominos from there.

So what does this mean? There were 5.1 million homes sold last year, with 41-42% of that market being first time buyers.  This year, however, fist time homeowners made up roughly 32% of that market.  With the rates as low as they are, Wayne is encouraging home buyers to get back into the market.  

Wayne also relays for sellers under the $400,000 price range, we still have a sellers market, especially on the North Shore including Mandeville, Covington, Slidell, Abita Springs, Lacombe, Folsom, Slidell, Pearl River, Hammond, and Ponchatoula.  Most homes in that price range are selling in less than 3 months for 98% of list value. 

Love It Or Leave It

October 26, 2016

Love it or Leave it... 

Wayne is back on the Lake 94.7.  The host, asks Wayne, "How do you get so many buyers, and how do you sell so many houses to those buyers?"  Wayne's response is simple.  With the advance of technology, use of Turner Real Estate Group's Moving trucks, and the Love it, or Leave it Program.  

He continues on to explain the program as this: If you buy a home with Turner Real Estate Group's Buyer Specialists, and within a year, you decide that home is not what you want, Wayne will list the home for free with no money going to Turner Real Estate Group.  

In doing so, home buyer's feel more confident in their purchase with Wayne's brokerage.  So if you don't like the house, you can call Wayne, he will put it back on the market, and by not paying the listing agent's commission, you are not losing an exuberant amount of money. 

Overall, Wayne attributes technology with his promotions on Facebook, Trulia, Zillow,,  As well as his trucks and Love It or Leave It Program to the amount of home buyer's sales. 

Another Costly Home Inspection…Get them on the Roof.

October 19, 2016

Wayne is back, Live.  Wayne is just setting out to help those around the area, avoid mistakes.  With twenty years experience, Wayne has seen so much. 

Wayne tells the story of his wife and him buying a home last year, and finding roof rot.  He relays that they had to tear out their back patio to accommodate for the issues, which in turn left them about $12,000 out of pocket. 

The home inspector that was used, overlooked this very evident problem on the house.  He continues on to say, six weeks ago, another spot was found on the front of the house. Which was another addition $1,000.

Then again, 3 days ago, when deciding to add new gutters to the house, more rot was again found.  

Wayne now encourages everyone that they work with, no matter the inspector, to ask "Are you going to get on the rough?"

If they say no, do not hire them.  Because the frustration of spending thousands of dollars due to someone not doing their job.  

Wayne is suggesting, that seller's get the home inspection before listing a property.  Call him at 985-626-1313 for a list of inspector's he does approve of.  When you inspect ahead of time, you get a peice of mind.  You can make the repairs, and give the inspection to buyers.  It only costs $350-$400.  Another option is you can get a home warranty, which costs about $450-$500.  

With Wayne's 20 year of experience, he has seen it all.  Check us out at 

Wayne’s Buyer Database

October 15, 2016

Wayne is back with the Lake 94.7 speaking to the host about local real estate.  Wayne Turner is the owner and broker of Turner Real Estate Group and has 20+ years of experience.  

Wayne is asked by the host, Charles Dowdy, "Why are so many homeowners calling you (Wayne Turner), to sell their home?"

Wayne goes on to answer, that the biggest thing is he is selling so many homes, so quickly.  He emphasizes that years ago, he saw technology becoming the forefront of our way of life. Through websites like, Zillow, Trulia, and many more.  Each of these websites are also mobile friendly.  Instead of waiting on other's to expand their thinking, Wayne jumped in and created the leading North Shore Real Estate Website, which was also mobile accessible. Wayne opted to  not rely on the third party of other websites but create a system that would work for his company and more importantly his sellers. 

With creating a local website which pulls directly from the Real Estate MLS, Turner Real Estate Group's website,, was able to build a database of local buyers of about 23,000 people.   When Wayne lists a property, often times already has a buyer, and does not start from zero.  

If you're looking for more information on listing your home with Wayne, visit for more information on why and how he is selling homes so quickly for the most amount of money. 

Real Estate Photography

October 12, 2016

Wayne Turner, the owner and broker of Turner Real Estate is back on the air.  The radio host, even emphasizes that he may be one person, but Wayne has a full team of real estate professionals that stand with him buy and sell homes. 

Wayne addresses Home Owners who are looking to sell their home on the North Shore.  He emphasizes the need that when a homeowner lists a home, you want to start off by de-cluttering, take away anything that would make a house look "busy" in pictures. 

Wayne wants homeowners to keep in mind that the person that you hire to sell your home, you will be paying thousands, maybe even tens-of-thousands of dollars.  The least an agent can do is have really nice photos of your home.  If someone comes into your house and begins to take pictures with a cell phone or even a small camera, you might want to question that person.  

Wayne relays that they need to have at least a wide angle lenses and if they do not, they need to be willing to pay a professional for those photos. Making sure an agent will take great photos of the house, will serve you well in selling your home for the most amount of money. 

Election and Real Estate

October 6, 2016

Wayne is back again with Charles Dowdy on the Lake 94.7.  Wayne Turner, the owner and broker of Turner Real Estate Group, has 20+ years of experience. 

Wayne is a local Real Estate Specialist with the North Shore area including Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington, Abita Springs, Hammond, and other areas in St Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes. 

Wayne begins  the show off by relaying that right during election time, there is a slowing of large purchases across the nation. Purchases include Cars, Rvs, Boats, Homes, Motor Homes.

The positive at this time is that rates are still historically low. We see a slowing affect, but once the election is over, Wayne believes we will see another huge spike once the election is over. 

To Search Homes now visit 

Fall Weather

October 5, 2016

Wayne is back for the Lake 94.7 Real Estate Insight on the North Shore with Wayne Turner.  

Wayne speaks about the weather.  As the weather changes, we see people go and become more active.  He relays that you see it in the spring when it goes from cold to warm, but we also see it when in the fall.  After the hot, and humid summer starts to turn into cooler days, and nicer weather, again people become more active.

This correlates with real estate.  We just see buyers become more and more active as well as becoming more serious when viewing properties. It sounds crazy, but Wayne explains that after twenty years in real estate business, its consistently seen year after year. 

Facebook and Real Estate

September 29, 2016

Charles Dowdy, has Wayne Turner on the Lake 94.7 again for his 20 year experience in Real Estate.  Wayne is the broker and owner of Turner Real Estate Group and is a Top Agent on the North Shore in St Tammany and Tangipahoa Parishes.  

 Wayne announces that the topic of the day, Facebook.  Right now there is about 250,000 people in the area.  Wayne continues on to relaying that everytime he lists a home, he is advertising on Facebook.   You might be thinking, "Facebook, Really?"

Here is the reasoning to why he embraces Facebook as one of many promotional activities on a property; It allows him to move up renters into buying a home.  It puts properties directly in front of people, in the area while they are searching on a mobile or other devices.  

“How Real Estate Can Help Pay For Your Kids College”

September 22, 2016

Wayne Turner, the broker and owner of Turner Real Estate group, is back speaking to Charles Dowdy, the host of the Lake 94.7. 

Charles introduces Wayne as a top Realtor on the North Shore selling houses all over, and goes on to lead Wayne into today's topic, "How Real Estate can Help Pay For Your Kids College" 

Wayne says that Real Estate is a great way to build an investment or nest egg for your child's college. For an investment, you can buy a home for about 10% with rates below 5%.  

Most of the time, rent is about 1% of the square footage. So if you have a 1200 sq ft house. 

 If you purchase a home that costs $175,000 your mortgage payment will be less than $1,000 dollars but you can charge $1,450 a month in rent. So you have a $500 positive cash flow property.

In addition, Wayne goes on to say when your kid is ready to go to college, you can sell the home, and do a 1031 tax-deferred exchange, and purchase a property in the area where they are going to school in and they can have housing where they actually go to school.